Easelly updates
Easelly updates

New Features and Improvements!


New Feature



Hey Easelly creators! We have new features to show you! 🛠🍾😃

Show Rulers and Guides

You asked, we answered. One of the most requested features is live right now. You can now choose to show rulers and guides on your canvas which will make organising and aligning your infographic elements a whole lot easier.


We've also had the chance to update some of our existing features for ease of use.

Added Lock Icon

We've added a small icon to the image indicator to show when an image has been locked in place and dimension.

Added Element Positioning options on Right Click

Now when you right click on an element of your infographic you will have the option of shifting its position either to the front or back.

Added a Group Icon

We've added an icon which makes grouping the elements of your infographic much more visually apparent.


Check out the changes and stay tuned for more!