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Easelly updates

Easelly Groups and Google Classroom Integration


New Feature



New integration alert! You can now import classes from Google Classroom to Easelly Groups!

This awesome feature allows you to:

  • Import classes from Google Classroom. Students that are enrolled in a particular class in Google Classroom will be automatically imported to Easelly Groups

  • Edit class details in Easelly Groups and the information will be updated in Google Classroom, and vice-versa

  • Add students / members within Easelly Group and will be added in Google Classroom, and vice-versa

  • Delete students / members within Easelly Group and will be deleted in Google Classroom as well

  • Sync Google Classroom students in Easelly Groups in just a click

Import Class.gif

For this awesome feature to work, user must have:

- A Google Classroom account
- Google class or classes ready to be imported to Easelly Groups

Follow these steps and see how the integration works.

Importing Class from Google Classroom to Easelly Groups
Click this video guide for the flow.

  1. Login to Easelly account.
  2. Go to Groups and click Import Classes from Google Classroom or Google Classroom logo.
  3. If your Google classroom account is not yet linked to Easelly, authentication should be done first. Follow the video guide on how to authenticate your account.
  4. Once your Google Classroom account has been authenticated, list of classes will pop-up and choose the class that you want to import. A prompt "Class Successfully Imported" should appear.
  5. The page will be automatically refreshed and should load the class that you have imported. Click the student icon to view the students that have been imported from your Google Classroom account.

When all is set, start creating and sharing infographics to your class!

Updating and Syncing Data
Syncing changes between Easelly Groups and Google Classroom is simple. Follow these guides and make sure to click Sync to apply your changes.

- Add Students in Easelly Groups
- Add Students in Google Classroom
- Delete Students in Easelly Groups
- Update Class Details

Disconnecting Google Classroom Account from Easelly Groups
If you need to disconnect your Google Classroom account to Easelly Groups, delete all the imported classes to Easelly groups and log-out.

The existing Create Group and Join Group features are still available for use. To identify if a class is created within Easelly or Google Classroom, refer to the logo before a group name.

This feature is available to basic and pro accounts!