How to Use Timeline Infographics (with Templates)

Want to make a neat timeline in your infographic?

Timeline infographics can help you tell a story chronologically — from sharing how you got to where you are right now in your career to the evolution of Levi’s denim jeans. 😊

Get started with your own timeline infographic in this short video tutorial + templates to download — How to Use Timeline Infographics (with Templates)

Watch it now!

How Infographics Can Be Used for Any Classroom Subject

Learning doesn't have to stop while schools and campuses are closed.

Infographics Can Be Used for Any Classroom Subject

Whether you're managing a virtual or physical classroom right now, you can use infographics for pretty much any subject.


We've got you covered — How Infographics Can Be Used for Any Classroom Subject

Bug Fixes on Charts, Download and Groups Features

These bugs and security hiccups are no longer with us! 🎉

  • Fixed missing charts when updating
  • Fixed download PDF issue
  • Added validation to check if an account is Pro when saving public/private visuals
  • Strengthened privacy of private visuals
  • Added validation to improve privacy of group folders
  • Added validation to discard unauthorized access to groups

Quick Guide to Gated Content for High-Quality Leads

Open sesame!

If you’ve ever asked or have been asked for your details in exchange for a free ebook, video, or product demo, you’ve encountered gated content.


For marketers, gated content can be an effective way to generate leads—but the question remains whether this is always the case.

We put together this beginner’s guide on whether gated content is the right strategy for your marketing efforts — from examples to an in-depth look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of using it.

Read the guide: A Beginner's Guide to Gated Content for High-Quality Leads

Introducing "Animations" - A New Feature You'll Love!

Want to make your infographics come to life and stand out from the rest?

Our new feature “Animations” will help you design more eye-catching infographics”.

This fresh-from-the-oven feature allows you to:

  • Access our animation library with 1,000+ ready-to-use moving graphics
  • Import animated objects to your canvas/infographics
  • Share your work via the Share Menu features
  • Download your canvas as GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • Add other design elements such as texts, lines, objects, charts, and pictograms with your animated objects of choice


Pro users have unlimited access to the animation library, and we will be adding more animated objects in the coming months. We can’t wait to see your animated infographics!

Add New Easelly Pro Account Feature

Adding a New Easelly Pro Account is made easy through your "My Account" dashboard.

If you want to add a new Easelly Pro member under your existing account, simply follow these steps.

  1. Log-in to your Easelly Pro account and navigate to "My Account"

  2. Click the "Add Pro Account" button

Artboard 1@2x-100.jpg

  1. On the payment pop-up dialogue box, enter the necessary details. Make sure to input the email address of the account that you want to add.

  2. Once all information are complete, click the "Buy Now" button. Email messages will be sent to the newly added Easelly Pro account, confirming the purchase and the account login credentials.

  3. To check if the new Easelly Pro account has been successfully processed, go to your My Account dashboard and new Easelly Pro account must be visible.

Artboard 4@2x-100.jpg

This feature is only available to Pro account user.

Easelly Groups and Google Classroom Integration

New integration alert! You can now import classes from Google Classroom to Easelly Groups!

This awesome feature allows you to:

  • Import classes from Google Classroom. Students that are enrolled in a particular class in Google Classroom will be automatically imported to Easelly Groups

  • Edit class details in Easelly Groups and the information will be updated in Google Classroom, and vice-versa

  • Add students / members within Easelly Group and will be added in Google Classroom, and vice-versa

  • Delete students / members within Easelly Group and will be deleted in Google Classroom as well

  • Sync Google Classroom students in Easelly Groups in just a click

Import Class.gif

For this awesome feature to work, user must have:

- A Google Classroom account
- Google class or classes ready to be imported to Easelly Groups

Follow these steps and see how the integration works.

Importing Class from Google Classroom to Easelly Groups
Click this video guide for the flow.

  1. Login to Easelly account.
  2. Go to Groups and click Import Classes from Google Classroom or Google Classroom logo.
  3. If your Google classroom account is not yet linked to Easelly, authentication should be done first. Follow the video guide on how to authenticate your account.
  4. Once your Google Classroom account has been authenticated, list of classes will pop-up and choose the class that you want to import. A prompt "Class Successfully Imported" should appear.
  5. The page will be automatically refreshed and should load the class that you have imported. Click the student icon to view the students that have been imported from your Google Classroom account.

When all is set, start creating and sharing infographics to your class!

Updating and Syncing Data
Syncing changes between Easelly Groups and Google Classroom is simple. Follow these guides and make sure to click Sync to apply your changes.

- Add Students in Easelly Groups
- Add Students in Google Classroom
- Delete Students in Easelly Groups
- Update Class Details

Disconnecting Google Classroom Account from Easelly Groups
If you need to disconnect your Google Classroom account to Easelly Groups, delete all the imported classes to Easelly groups and log-out.

The existing Create Group and Join Group features are still available for use. To identify if a class is created within Easelly or Google Classroom, refer to the logo before a group name.

This feature is available to basic and pro accounts!

Added Click-and-Display Interaction with Graphic Elements

We are happy to release the Click-and-Display interaction feature with our graphic elements!

Aside from the existing Drag-and-Drop interaction, the Click-and-Display feature is an additional option on how you want to select and display a graphic element into your canvas.


By clicking a graphic element from a panel, the selected graphic will be displayed to your canvas. This feature is available to Templates, Objects, Backgrounds, Texts, Charts, Media (Unsplash Photos & Upload Photos) and Pictogram.

We have also removed the fade-effect when displaying a selected graphic element to canvas.

Note that the drag-and-drop interface with graphic elements are still available for use.

Added Text Spacing Feature

Our new Text Spacing Feature is up starting today!

This great feature allows you to apply spacing in between texts, horizontally and vertically.

Text Spacing Feature.gif

While a text box is selected in your canvas, click the Text Spacing icon and use the slider interface to apply the text spacing feature.

Letter Spacing adds horizontal gaps between texts while Line Height increases vertical spacing in between text lines.

Click Reset to revert the texts space settings to its default state.

This feature is available to Free and Pro accounts!

Corrected Position of Percent Sign (%) on Charts

The Percent Sign (%) is now placed after a number on charts label. 🙌