Easelly updates
Easelly updates

Trash Design Feature


New Feature


Trash design feature has just been released! 🎉

If you happen to delete your design works and would like to restore it, go to the trash section and click the "Restore" button. Click the "Delete forever" button if you want to trash your design works permanently.


Dark Mode Dashboard Feature


New Feature


We've just released our dark mode feature for Easelly's dashboard.

Screen Recording 2021-11-17 at 07.25.49 PM.gif

This feature is available for Pro and Free accounts.

Improved Easelly Dashboard!




Hey, Easelly users!

We've made some major updates in our dashboard! Here are the exciting improvements we've released:

  • Improved layout design for easier navigation across folders, design works and templates
  • Intuitive and color-coded Folders that allow users to Create a Folder and Add to Folder
  • Download design feature is now available in the dashboard
  • Share by email option has been added for quick sharing of design works
  • Easily accessible templates with preview option

Screen Recording 2021-10-22 at 01.04.26 PM.gif

New Features and Enhancements!


New Feature



Good Morning Easelly Creators!

We've added some really useful new features that will make your life on Easel.ly just a little bit easier!

  • We've added a recently used colours feature to text and icons. Using this feature colour coordinating the elements of your infographic will be a breeze!

  • We've also added a recently used fonts feature for text! No more searching through the lists for the last font you used!






We've also made some fairly major changes to our user interface that we're really excited about.

  • We've updated our Sign Up and Log In page with a fresh new look!
  • We've swapped over the designs on the navigation menu to make things look cleaner and more streamlined. Check out the new save button in the gif below


More Improvements


New Feature



Hey there Easelly users! We've a new updates to share!

New Alignment Feature for Text and Non-Text Elements

We've added a brand new menu for alignments of the elements of your infographics! You can now quickly decide whether you want your element to be positioned within your infographic! Check it out below and get creating!

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 10.18.59.png

Easelly x Zapier


New Feature



Hey Team Easelly. We have a really exciting announcement to make.

Our Easelly API is now featured on Zapier! Zapier is a workflow automation service which allows you to combine our Easelly API with hundreds of popular apps!

We're really excited to see some of the automations (or Zaps) that you come up with! Check out our Zap templates as well and please let us know if you come up with any time saving solutions or combinations you're proud of.

Sign Up for Zapier for Free

Connect your Easelly Pro account and get started

Check out these 10 Zap Templates we've made up to get a head start:

New Features and Improvements!


New Feature



Hey Easelly creators! We have new features to show you! 🛠🍾😃

Show Rulers and Guides

You asked, we answered. One of the most requested features is live right now. You can now choose to show rulers and guides on your canvas which will make organising and aligning your infographic elements a whole lot easier.


We've also had the chance to update some of our existing features for ease of use.

Added Lock Icon

We've added a small icon to the image indicator to show when an image has been locked in place and dimension.

Added Element Positioning options on Right Click

Now when you right click on an element of your infographic you will have the option of shifting its position either to the front or back.

Added a Group Icon

We've added an icon which makes grouping the elements of your infographic much more visually apparent.


Check out the changes and stay tuned for more!

Ease of use Improvements to Easelly UI





Great news Easelly Users! 🏅👌

We've been hard at work bringing a few changes to our user interface that should make your infographic creation much easier! Below are some enhancements and a new feature we're sure you'll love!

Selector Visibility

We've swapped up the colour and thickness of our selector to make it stand out from the page much more!

Added Tool Tips to All Icons

We've added labels to all our icons to make finding the tools you are looking for significantly easier

New Grid Feature

We've added a square grid for increased ease of use. This should make aligning all the elements of your infographic much easier.


Other Enhancements

  • We've changed the preview button colour
  • We've updated the look of our resizing indicator

Check out the changes and be sure to let us know what you want to see next!

6K+ New Animated Icons for PRO Users!


New Feature



Hey, PRO Users!

Because we value you so much, we've just released 6,000 plus new animated icons available within Easelly today! 😮🌟👏


Blend these new animated icons with your project and have a more eye-catching infographics!

170K+ New Icons for PRO Users!


New Feature



A pretty amazing news for PRO users!

We just released 170,000 new amazing icons available for your use within Easelly. 🌟❤️👏


Check them out and start creating your infographics with our new collection of icons!