40+ Business Infographic Templates and Ideas to Try in 2021

Companies of all sizes always have to think a step ahead.

In 2021, you’re probably looking for ways to give your brand the extra edge.

Investing in new content formats like business infographics is one of the worthwhile ways to push your business forward in the new year.

50+ Business Infographic Ideas in 2021.gif

Keep reading for high-quality, customizable business infographic templates and ideas!

View the templates here - 40+ Business Infographic Templates and Ideas to Try in 2021

More Productive Days Ahead with the All-New Easelly in 2021

2020 has been a strange rollercoaster of a year. At Easelly, we’ve decided to make lemonade out of the lemons that 2020 gave us.

We fully rolled out a whole new look and feel to our infographic design application and groups feature!

This major update provides a more modern appearance, organized structure, and a more streamlined experience.

What’s new with Easelly for 2021- Overview

You can look forward to major updates in the following categories:

  • Simple, crisper look of the designer app and groups feature (visual design)
  • A more organized structure and layout (information structure)
  • Improved interactions with the designer app’s key features (interaction design)

All New Easelly 2021.gif

And here’s a detailed list of what you can do with the new designer app and groups feature:

Designer Application

Groups Feature

  • More organized layout so you’re less likely to feel lost with groups list, dashboard and sharing options
  • Improved overall look with simple, modern and minimalist design of the groups feature

Cheers to more productive days ahead with the All-New Easelly design! 🥂👏💻

20 Process Infographic Templates to Help You Save Time

From teaching small business owners how to file taxes online to sharing how a fertility treatment works to hopeful couples, using process infographics is a great way to reduce complexity and delight your audience with a clear, engaging presentation.

What is a Process Infographic x Editable Templates and Examples.gif

Learn everything you need to know about process infographics and best practices. This guide also includes 20+ process infographic templates that you can customize and download right away! 🌟

See the templates here - 20 Process Infographic Templates to Help You Save Time

5 Science Backed Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Clear out the mental cobwebs with these 5 science-backed ways to get your creative mojo back!

Watch the video now - 5 Science Backed Ways to Boost Your Creativity

What other creativity hacks have worked for you?

Please share it in the comments section of the video. 😀

Using Infographics To Improve Website Traffic: A Case Study

Whether you’re the head of content for an e-commerce brand or you’re running a small seed company, you have one goal in mind – get more people to find your cozy little corner on the Internet and get more value from your content.

Generating traffic for your blog and website is doable, but it takes time, effort, and patience.

Case Study Using Infographics To Improve Website Traffic.gif

In this case study, you'll learn how to use infographics to grow your website traffic and convert website visitors to paying customers or loyal followers.

Read the case study here - Using Infographics To Improve Website Traffic: A Case Study🌟

10 Great Examples of Infographics for Education + Tutorials

Infographics are one of a few effective ways to get your message across in the field of education — from presenting lessons in the classroom to homework and essays to presenting data for your college research.

Here at Easelly, we have a bunch of different education infographic templates to fit any occasion.

Examples of Infographics for Education.gif

Keep reading for some examples (turned into templates!) made by students and teachers alike. You can also watch the accompanying tutorials to help you make better infographics for education. 😀

Read it now — 10 Great Examples of Infographics for Education + Tutorials

7 Ways to Use Infographics in Healthcare

Anyone who's about to write about a medical topic or present healthcare information knows how challenging it is to deal with multiple data points.

Another unique challenge when presenting healthcare information is that your audience's education and experience levels can range dramatically — from new mothers eager to learn the ins and out of breastfeeding to a room of lactation consultants.

Enter infographics.

In this short video, discover how you can translate complex healthcare information into simplified graphical snapshots with infographics. 🎨

Watch the 2-minute video here: 7 Ways to Use Infographics in Healthcare + Templates

Environmental Disasters of 2020: An Infographic

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, but it seems like there might be a lot more down than up when it comes to disasters.

Whether you’re looking at the weather or natural disasters on the ground, 2020 has been a busy year.

Environment Disasters.gif

From the wildfires that ravaged Australia at the beginning of the year to the record-breaking hurricane season in the Atlantic, let’s look back on the natural disasters of 2020 that inflicted the most damage through an infographic.

View the infographic — Environmental Disasters of 2020: An Infographic 🌎

Why Infographics are Effective for Content Marketing

The astonishing number of information shared and generated online these days shows how easy it is to reach out to your audience.

However, as technology improves, it can be an uphill struggle for digital marketers and brands like you to win the battle for attention.

At the same time, it may be a challenge for your target audience to find you.

So how do we address this dilemma?

7 Benefits of Using Infographics as Part of Your Content Strategy.gif

Infographics may be the missing piece in your content strategy 🌟

Discover why infographics should be a part of your content marketing campaigns moving forward!

Read it now - Why Infographics are Effective for Content Marketing

JavaScript Library Upgrade (React v16)

Easelly is now compatible with React v16! ️🎉

We've made a major upgrade in our codebase as we journey to improve the overall performance of our application and site pages.

With this upgrade, you can now experience faster loading of pages and smoother navigation in our designer tool.


Here are the highlights:

New Core Architecture
Easelly is now built on top of a new core architecture called "Fiber" which enabled and prepared our application to be more responsive in future upgrades.

Reduced Javascript File Size
Our Javascript files size has been reduced around 20%-30% which improved our site performance by 30%-40%.

Improved Component Lifecycles
We have enhanced the async rendering of our components. It means that our interface e.g. buttons, links, etc. are more responsive (50 ms).

Enabled Production Build of React
We are now using the React Production mode when deploying our app to the users. This helps increase the performance of our site.

We shall continue to improve our site architecture to serve you better! ️🙇