Bug Fixes on App Intefrace

We have implemented some fixes on Easelly's designer app interface 🙌

  • Pictogram Search Keeps Loading
    You will be notified when the app can't recognize the keyword you have used in pictogram search panel.

Screen Recording 2019-08-13 at 09.34 AM.gif

  • Copy Function Duplicate Error on Icon Click
    You can now click copy icon without duplicate issues Screen Recording 2019-08-13 at 09.40 AM.gif

  • Remove "Add a Link" Duplicate Image+2019-08-02+at+1.12.54+PM.png

  • Javascript Error
    Fixed Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'objectID' of null Image 2019-08-13 at 9.56.16 AM.png

Bug Fixes on App Intefrace

We have fixed some interface issues for you! 🙌

  • You will be notified when the app can't recognize the keyword you have used in object search panel. Object Search.png

  • You can now click Lock tool without issues Lock.png

  • You can now click the exit / close of save as pop-up as needed Save as.gif

  • When you double click the canvas and there is no selected object, no error is thrown or generated

Added No Background (Transparent) and Empty Template Options

Two important improvements are applied in Easelly's designer app today!

No / Transparent Background Option
Step1: If you want a transparent background, just click "No Background" option in the background panel.

Step2: Download your canvas as "High Quality" to generate a PNG image format file and your artwork will have a transparent background.

No Background.gif

Empty Template Option
If you want to clear or apply empty template in your canvas, simply click "Empty Template" option in the template panel. No Template.gif

This feature is available to free and pro accounts!

Added Close (X) Icon on Media Side Panel

We have added a close icon (X) on media side panel for better interface interaction. Close Icon.gif

Bug Fixes on Folder, Undo and Download Features

We have fixed some bug issues for you! 🙌

  • Opening Canvas via Folder - You can now open the canvas that you have saved in your folder (Pro Accounts only) Open File.png

  • Objects Position While Using Undo Command: When using the Undo Command or Ctrl X / Cmd Z, objects are accurately placed based on the previous actions that you have applied in your canvas.Undo.png

  • Objects and Background Image Position in Downloaded /Exported Canvas: What you see in your canvas design and exported file are now the same. Objects/background image doesn't shift or move anymore.

Add New Page Feature

The Add New Page Feature is up and running starting today!

Instead of having just one canvas, you can now add two (2) more pages to your working file and play around with your design.

The Add New Page feature lets you:

  • Add two (2) new pages to your working file. You can do this by clicking the “Add New Page” command below your first canvas.Add Page.png

  • Load contents to new pages such as Media, Objects, Texts, Pictograms, Background, Charts, Templates. All editing tools can also be used in the added new pages.Load Contents.png

  • Resize and change the orientation of pages by clicking the “Resize” menu. Select the orientation and the size you need and your pages will be adjusted based on what you have chosen. Resize.png

  • Switch Page/s as you need. Simply click the arrow up or arrow down icon to switch your pages. This function helps you play around the sequence of your design. Switch Pages.png

  • Zoom in and out pages by clicking the Zoom in / Zoom out feature on the bottom right side of the app. Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 12.47.30 PM.png

  • Delete page/s as you need using the delete icon on the upper left side of each canvas. Note that one-two (1-2) pages can only be deleted. Delete Page.png

  • Export and download design as one whole page. Based on the number of pages that you created, you can export you designs in low quality, high quality and pdf format. Export Pages.png

  • Share your pages via email, shareable link, Facebook and Twitter. You can also view your pages through the “ View in Browser” command. Share.png

Here's a demonstation on how to use this feature. Screen Recording 2019-07-22 at 10.32 AM.gif

We are giving this feature to Basic and Pro-Accounts!

Canvas Orientation Change Feature

Good news!

You can now modify the orientation of your canvas through our new Canvas Orientation Change Feature!

Just click Canvas in the main menu and select Orientation to see the Portrait and Landscape orientation options.

Select Portrait to change the orientation of your canvas to portrait while Landscape to make your canvas in Landscape view.



This feature is available to Pro and Non-pro accounts.

API for Passing Through Information to Infographics

The API for Dynamically Passing Through Information to Infographics is now available!

This new API release enables authorized users to dynamically:

  • Retrieve infographic’s object or information that has tag in json format
  • Generate infographic in PDF format with the modified content in tag, fill or src by the given canvas ID
  • Generates infographic in PNG format with the modified content in tag, fill or src by the given canvas ID
  • Copy infographic by the given canvas id and generates a new one with the modified content in tag, fill or src
  • Update infographic (tag, fill or src)

To get started on how to make calls to the API, tagging of objects or information needs to be executed.

Insert the object or information in the canvas and click TAG icon in the toolbar menu. 1.png

Name the tag accordingly. 2.png

To confirm if tag has been successfully added, click on the object or information. The tag name should appear as seen in the illustration. 3.png

Once tagging of objects or information is done, proceed to Creating API Keys and follow this walkthrough on Authentication. Note that generating API Keys is only available to Pro Account Users.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 1.16.32 PM.png

Once your API key is generated and authenticated, you may then execute Making Request. For reference, here is a list of our public API Endpoints and API Explorer . The list of Supported Formats and HTTP Responses and Sample Codes are also accessible.

To test and understand more how the integration works using our API explorer, please see this Video-based Walkthough .

As we add more API and endpoints, they will be available in our API Documentation Site.

Add New Folder Feature

We are excited to announce our Add New Folder Feature!

In just few clicks, you can keep your artworks organized by simply saving and adding them to folders.

Steps 1 and 2:
Click "Add New Folder" and rename it according to what you need. 1 and 2.png

Step 3:
If you need to save your artwork into a folder, click "File" in the main menu and select "Add to Folder". 3.png

Step 4:
Select which folder you want to save your artwork and then click "Confirm". 4.png

Add New Folder Feature is only available to Pro Account Users.

Enhanced Color Palette Interface

Today's release brings improvement to our color palette interface!

This enhancement allows you to add and save colors that you need for your artwork.

Just simply select a color that you need and click the plus sign (+) to add in the color palette. Once plus sign (+) is clicked, your chosen color will appear in the color pallette.

Color Palette Enhancement 1.png

Color Palette Enhancement 2.png

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