Added Text Spacing Feature

Our new Text Spacing Feature is up starting today!

This great feature allows you to apply spacing in between texts, horizontally and vertically.

Text Spacing Feature.gif

While a text box is selected in your canvas, click the Text Spacing icon and use the slider interface to apply the text spacing feature.

Letter Spacing adds horizontal gaps between texts while Line Height increases vertical spacing in between text lines.

Click Reset to revert the texts space settings to its default state.

This feature is available to Free and Pro accounts!

Corrected Position of Percent Sign (%) on Charts

The Percent Sign (%) is now placed after a number on charts label. 🙌


Resolved Saving Order of Canvas in My Visuals

We have fixed the saving order of canvas in My Visuals dashboard.

In this fix, your canvas will be saved as the latest thumbnail in My Visuals, when:

  • A new canvas is created and saved
  • An existing canvas is edited and saved
  • An existing canvas is copied through the copy tool in My Visuals

My Visual Saving Order.gif

Bug Fixes on Chart Visuals and Download Feature

We have applied couple of fixes to various Charts in Easelly app.

  • Fixed spacing and placement issues of legends and labels on low quality, high quality and PDF download
  • Corrected icons of legends on low quality, high quality and PDF download
  • Resolved positions of legends and labels of charts in Easelly designer app
  • Fixed visibility of X and Y lines in charts
  • Fixed colors of labels to make them more visible
  • Resolved missing information in Y axis line

Fixes were applied to Bar, Column, Radar, Polar, Doughnut, Line, Stacked, Error, Area, Scatter and Bubble charts.

Chat Fix.gif

Bug Fixes on Color Picker History

The Undo and Redo tools for Color Picker feature have been fixed!

You can now see the correct color history of your elements based on previously selected colors by clicking the Undo tool. Likewise, ticking the Redo tool will reverse your last undo action.

As an alternative, you may use your keyboard keys to apply the Redo and Undo commands on color picker.

Color Picker Fix.gif

This fix has been applied to elements that allow color editing such as Background, Objects (One-Tone), Text, Line and Pictogram.

Added Arrow Keys Fix to Stop Moving Locked Objects

When you lock elements and use keyboard arrow keys such as arrow up, down, left and right, elements remain locked or not movable.

Lock Fix.gif

We have added handling of arrow key events to stop moving locked object.

Removed Not Applicable Tools for Editing Non-Text Graphics

When you are editing objects, images, lines, graphics and pictograms, not applicable tools are not visible anymore in the toolbar.

This gives you a better view of the tools that you can use while editing those non-text graphic elements.

Tools Edit.gif

Fixed Lock Feature Bug

We have fixed the Lock feature bug! 🙌

When you Lock objects, images, texts, charts or any elements in your canvas, those graphics are still not editable or movable even you close and open your artwork.

Lock Feature Fix.gif

Better Visibility of Set Custom Size Section (Dashboard)

We have changed the Set Custom Size section to a pop-up dialog box for better visibility and interaction.

Set Custom Size.gif

Improved Chart Legend Positions

Good news! We have added three more legend positions to Easelly Chart feature.

You can now place legends on Top, Bottom, Left and Right in any chart available in our app.

Step 1: Simply go to the Options tab of chart pop-up and make sure to tick mark the Show Legend box.

Step 2: Choose your preferred legend position from the Legend Positions drop-down list.

Step 3: Once you click the Update button, chart will be updated with your preferred legend position.

Legend Positions.gif

We have also optimized the speed of updating data in our charts. Entered data can now be seen real-time in the chart inside the Options tab without clicking the Update button.

Likewise, we have improved the position of the Edit function in the canvas should you need to modify your chart.